Dispatch & the military continue their back and forth over G-Dragon

Following yesterday’s Dispatch report on G-Dragon‘s alleged preferential treatment in the military, both YG Entertainment and the military countered it with sober explanations. Well, Dispatch didn’t seem to like that much, so they doubled down on the accusations.

In response to YG Entertainment saying that there are no rooms specifically for colonels at the hospital, Dispatch checked the operating system of the hospital and found that room 311 of ward 301, which G-Dragon was staying in, is classified as a “colonel hospital room.” According to Dispatch, the only 1-person hospital rooms are on the third and sixth floors. The colonel room is on third floor and cannot be used by typical soldiers. The 1-person room on sixth floor is used for special circumstances like those who need to be quarantined. On G-Dragon adhering to the sick leave period and using up his personal vacation time to receive treatment, Dispatch shared that he went on sick leave from May 16 through 25 and extended until June 1. He then went on a sick leave from June 13 through 16, used up personal vacation time on June 17 and 18, and was hospitalized on June 19. He is expected to be discharged on June 28, which means he will have spent 33 days outside of the army base over two months.

YGE didn’t even seem to bother replying to this, but the military did through a statement.

The Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital, which G-Dragon is staying at, does not have a “colonel room.” The image presented by Dispatch on room 311 of ward 301 being a “colonel room” is because the software sources were not edited when the operating system was updated in 2012. Soldiers and executives can all use the room if decided as such by the medical team. Nine soldiers, noncommissioned officers, commissioned officers, etc. have used the room since 2017. The Ministry of National Defense also explained that soldiers can go on up to 30 days of sick leave in a year. G-Dragon used three days in April, 17 days in May, and six days in June for a total of 26 days. He has been hospitalized at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital since June 19, and this period does not count as a sick leave.

I gotta be honest … I don’t care about this all that much. I understand why others do, but even if G-Dragon is guilty of what he’s accused of … okay?

That’s especially true after it was revealed that some creepy fucker was taking notes on G-Dragon’s body for his girlfriend.

The ‘G-Dragon Observational Journal’ is assumed to have been written by a soldier in the hospital where G-Dragon was hospitalized in. The soldier made the journal for his girlfriend. The description to the journal stated, “I thought you might be curious so I will share what I’ve observed with you. I love you.” The journal lists detailed information on G-Dragon such as the locations of his moles, tattoos, habits, medications he takes, and more. The girlfriend shared the journal on social media, and the post quickly spread online.

Look, I 100% believe that celebrities get preferential treatment, but I also 100% believe that this kind of stuff is why they are generally isolated.


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