UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon tells story about how Eric Nam friendzoned the shit out of her

Eric Nam appeared on the game show ‘1 Vs. 100‘, and UNI.T‘s Yang Jiwon was part of the panel. While there told a story where basically she wanted Eric to smash, but he friendzoned her.

She said, “Before, when I was with SPICA, Eric Nam and I were in the same agency. He was so nice, and his voice was great too. And he had absolutely no fashion sense, but that was my ideal type. He used to wear hiking clothes and didn’t have any interest in fashion.” She said she once mistakenly thought they were going on a date: “We became closer and exchanged numbers, and one day, Eric Nam asked me to grab coffee. I was excited, wondering if we were going on a date, but when I arrived, there were 30 people there. He was hanging out with 20 to 30 of his friends. Disappointed, I realized it wasn’t a date, and wondered if this is how they do it in the U.S.,” said Yang Jiwon. Eric Nam said, “I don’t remember exactly how I brought it up, but I think it’s because in America, if you want to befriend someone, it could be awkward one-on-one, so you meet in a group of friends and naturally get to know each other that way.”


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