[Review] 100% return after tragedy with “Summer Night”, which is like a light breeze

It’s been four months since their last release, but 100% are back with a new mini-album to accompany their Japanese single, “Summer Night“.

“Summer Night” is a light, breezy summer dance track with a slight edge of a minor key — it’s simple and fun, and is by no means difficult to listen to. That said, the song is fairly messy, as the production is a bit sloppy and the vocals lie somewhere in the middle of the mix at certain points, only really standing out during the chorus. When the group boasts a vocalist as solid and controlled as Rockhyun, it’s a particular shame to not hear him properly. Additionally, the melody itself also feels incomplete, lacking a definite hook.

The music video is a straightforward pop affair with a dance sequence and pretty visuals that don’t necessarily have some deeper meaning, and “Summer Night” basically ends up as a good soundtrack for taking a walk to on a warm day. It’s uncomplicated, and sits nicely alongside other recent K-pop tracks without jostling for its own space.


Of course, what’s more important is what this song means for 100%; a willingness to continue on with their careers after experiencing tragedy. “Summer Night” is the group’s first release since the passing of leader Minwoo in March, and it serves as a symbol of their perseverance. 100% don’t need to be rehashing the death of Minwoo every time they come out with a new song, but at least this time it’s prudent to make note of it.

“Summer Night” might not be the group’s best, but it’s certainly nice to see them again, and 100% getting back to a level of normalcy is rewarding in itself given what transpired.

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