[Review] A Pink finally switch things up with an excellent twist on the tropical trend in “I’m So Sick”

A Pink has recently become known more for sticking to a similar safe pop concept and sound for years than for a lot of the quality work they did at the start of their careers. Admittedly, I have been one of the biggest critics of this, not because I didn’t like them or didn’t understand it in a business sense, but just because it felt as if they were being forced to go through the motions musically. Fortunately, “I’m So Sick” breaks them out of that rut in a big way.

When I heard the tropical house sounds, I definitely had a fear that they ditched spinning their wheels for a different generic pop sound. However, A Pink and Black Eyed Pilseung put together a nice interpretation of the tropical house by creatively incorporating different synths to make something that has a bit darker edge and comes off almost melancholy. I’ve never been one opposed to tropical sounds anyway, so that switch from A Pink works for me, and the synth usage along with the fact that there’s bells and whistles laid on top of the more typical foundation helps to elevate it.

“I’m So Sick” is imminently danceable thanks to the pulsating rhythm, and it’s refreshingly upbeat even if the atmosphere is anything but summery. My only complaint is that at times the verses can bog down a feel a bit shallow when some members take over, but thankfully once the build and chorus eventually hits, it’s smooth sailing from there. While the chorus isn’t bombastic, I don’t think that would’ve fit with the overall mood anyway, and the burst being there but reined in was appropriate. Additionally, it’s not necessarily a hook-y song, but it’s a full chorus and it culminates with the memorable “baby bye bye bye” refrain. The transitions also work remarkably well, not because everything sounds the same but because there’s a level of flow to it.

While the song itself is redeeming on its own, “I’m So Sick” also seems to give A Pink a road map to their future as a girl group. I’d have liked A Pink to start down this path years ago, but better late than never, as this type of replayable effort is always welcome.


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