MAMAMOO’s Wheein criticized for typhoon reference, she apologizes, clarifications posted

Wheein of MAMAMOO has come under fire from some netizens recently for mentioning Typhoon Prapiroon in connection with their pre-release single “Rainy Season.

On July 1, Wheein uploaded a photo of herself and a message that read, “Listening to ‘Rainy Season’ with Prapiroon.” Typhoon Prapiroon recently unleashed heavy flooding and strong winds to southern Japan and South Korea. Some people found her post inappropriate and criticized her for not being considerate about the damages inflicted by the typhoon.

After receiving backlash, the post was deleted. Recently, it gained further backlash after it was picked up by the media, and Wheein released an apology.

On July 4, Wheein officially apologized, “Hello, this is Wheein. I would like to express my apologies to everyone who was hurt and uncomfortable by my foolish and careless writing. From now on, I will try to think more cautiously and carefully.”

The clarification by the fandom is basically that she posted it before the typhoon did any harm, deleted it when it caused damage, and that the media is only picking up on it now cause it’s a hot topic.

Yeah, I understand the point being made and it’s not wrong per se, but it’s a bit dismissive. Like not having the foresight to think that it was likely that a massive storm that could make landfall might cause a ton of damage and/or loss of life is rather dumb.

That said, is it deserving of being some kind of major issue given that she had already realized it was dumb and deleted it prior to it being reported on in the press and has now apologized? No.


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