‘Produce 48’ Episode 5: Rankings revealed, eliminations made, who are your Top 12?

Welcome back to the ‘Produce 48‘ recap, and after teasing eliminations last week, this week they actually get on with it.

As expected, Mnet basically drag this out the whole episode, so there quite frankly isn’t a ton of content for this recap. As such, I’d recommend you watch the episode now if you don’t yet know where things stand.

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As they came out to meet their fate, the contestants did customized introductions.

Okay, so only 58 girls survive the cuts and everybody else is gone. It was admirable how Mnet managed to milk this for a whole episode.


This is … not terrible? I mean I think it could be better but it definitely could be worse as well.

I’m probably inviting a glorious mess in the comments, by doing this, but who is your Top 12?


Start fighting.


The telephone game with Japanese and Korean contestants went about as well as expected.

Ariyoshi Risa and Takada Kenta led a surprisingly amusing lecture of sorts.


Chiba Erii will never die, bitches.


Nakanishi Chiyori is now making memes of herself with Korean fans.



Boycott update!


Next week’s ratings will probably be telling. I never seriously expected ‘Produce 48’ to be as popular as the previous two seasons for multiple reasons, but as long as it clings on to something around 3%, it should be alright.


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