Kaeun’s ‘Produce 48’ individual fancam being flooded with hate comments on Naver

The individual fancam of Kaeun performing Ariana Grande‘s “Side To Side” currently is just shy of 30,0000 views and 10,000 hearts on Naver. Those numbers put her near the top of contestants, but aren’t exceptional. Yet, while other top fancams like Shitao Miu and Miyawaki Sakura have less than 10,000 comments, Kaeun’s has over 100,000 comments and most of them are hateful.

From I can gather, most of them seem to be hating because they think she’s #1 for no reason, and a lot of the insults are targeted against her age (23), which kinda weirds me out. Since I didn’t watch the show in the past, I have no idea if this is standard operating procedure for top contestants, but knowing K-pop fandoms, I assume it is.

Anyway, the timing of this is rather amusing, since this performance was the first time on ‘Produce 48‘ that she showed why she belongs near the top.


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