[Review] KARD’s “Ride On The Wind” is as airy and carefree as the title implies

KARD have been one of my favorite groups since they debuted, as they entered around the time the tropical house trend was taking over, and I felt like they consistently executed it best while putting nice twists on it with every comeback. Their latest is “Ride On The Wind“, and it’s definitely a release made for summer, though I feel like that may have held them back a bit more than usual.

The pulsating beat keeps up a nice tempo, though this seemed more EDM than many of their previous efforts. I did like how there’s vestiges of their old sound in the instrumental section of the chorus, as I feel like it keeps some semblance of continuity. In a switch, I thought the verses and pre-chorus were the strengths of the song. This was perhaps their most balanced song, and it’s not a coincidence that the vocal interplay was among their best. Additionally, the airy and carefree atmosphere was conveyed exceptionally well in the pre-chorus, setting things up for a signature drop or a fleshed out chorus that doesn’t exactly come.

It’s not the chill vibe that was an issue, but rather that it felt so quiet and bare bones by comparison. The chorus with the repeated “ride on the wind” refrain is shockingly mellow, and even their previously restrained choruses like on “Rumor” and “Hola Hola” weren’t this muted. That doesn’t make it a bad song, it just makes it a surprising choice for a single as it sounds more like a chill B-side you can cruise down the highway in the summer with rather than something you intend to make an impact using.


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