Hong Sang Soo’s wife still refusing to sign divorce papers, blocking marriage to Kim Min Hee

Last time we checked in on lovers Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee, the pair confirmed their affair and we were waiting on a divorce for Hong Sang Soo and his wife. Well that was over 16 months ago now, and Hong Sang Soo and his wife are still not divorced. In fact, he’s in the news again because he has refiled for divorce from his wife due to her rejecting signing divorce papers seven times already the first time he tried for a divorce.

It has been reported that Director Hong Sang Soo has refiled for a divorce after it was denied the first time. Hong Sang Soo filed for a divorce back in November 2016 but his wife refused to sign the papers 7 times out of determination to protect her family. As a result, it was confirmed on July 18 that the divorce failed to go through. Shortly after, Hong Sang Soo made it clear that he would refile for the divorce, mainly in order to marry Kim Min Hee. The director expressed that he was willing to take the criticism and push for the divorce for the sake of the actress.

Honestly? Doing this sounds rather unhealthy and toxic for the wife’s well-being. That said, she is showing amazing levels of determination here (Snake Twins could NEVER), and I honestly can’t wait to see how many more times dude gets rejected.


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