EXID’s MV teaser for Japanese version of “Up & Down” includes Solji, looks cool

EXID recently released a music video teaser for the Japanese version of “Up & Down“, and like with the photo teasers, it’s notable because of Solji‘s participation. She back.

Admittedly, I question why the hell they’re releasing “Up & Down” as their debut in Japan, but at least it looks quite cool. Then again, surely Banana Culture has done market research (Uh … right?) and is going back to the well like this for reason. So the main thing is that Solji is involved in everything for this debut so far except promotions, which they’re being understandably cautious about.

My only concern is how Korean fans will react to Solji returning to EXID for Japan stuff, but assuming that is her on ‘King Of Mask Singer, that’s probably enough where they shouldn’t cause too much of a fuss.


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