SES’s Shoo admits to being the celebrity under fire for a ~$530k gambling debt

A couple days ago it was reported that a famous former girl group member was being sued by two people for an amount totaling over $500,000. To make matters worse, the nature of the loans was to fund her gambling problem.

The two individuals reportedly filed a lawsuit against the former girl group member on July 12. The case is currently drawing special attention for the fact that it revolves around a gambling debt, with the plaintiffs claiming that the defendant gambled away their money at a casino that Korean citizens are not allowed to enter. The casino, which is located in a hotel in the Gwangjang neighborhood of Seoul, is only open to foreigners. The prosecutor’s office is currently investigating the former girl group member for habitual illegal gambling.

There was a lot of speculation about who it was, and many people settled on SES‘s Eugene, but she denied involvement.

Eugene’s agency C9 Entertainment stated, “There have been continuous inquiries towards Eugene herself and the company since the morning. Currently, Eugene, who is pregnant in her full-term, is very shocked. It is not true. Eugene does not play any games in general.” With only a month remaining in her pregnancy and in need of rest, Eugene asked her agency to take strong action against these baseless rumors.

As it turns out, it was an SES member after all, as Shoo stepped forward to admit it was her that the report was about.

Although Shoo’s agency stated on the same day that Shoo was not the celebrity as well, she later confirmed her involvement. She stated, “I decided to reveal myself as the person in question after seeing Eugene’s name appear on the real-time search results and her gain suspicion. Regardless of the reason, I deeply apologize for causing such an uproar.” She further stated, “I’m deeply apologetic towards those who love and care for me. There were reports that denied that I was the one being sued, but I never denied those reports myself, nor did those close to me. I think there was a communication error.” She revealed that she had gone to a casino with some acquaintances without knowing much about gambling to satisfy her curiosity, but ended up falling deep into it. She said, “In this situation where I didn’t know much about the rules of gambling, I lost a lot of money and came to fall under tremendous debt. In this situation, there was the repetition of this vicious cycle.” Shoo continued, “It is true that I have run into a debt of 600 million won (approximately $530,000), but it is not true that I borrowed all that money to gamble it off. It also includes money I borrowed for some other unavoidable reasons. I’m now aware of how scary gambling can be. I will repay the borrowed money and not cause such a stir again.”

Holy shit that’s a lot of money, and it’s even worse cause she copped to gambling in Korea.

Still, Shoo did the right thing by borrowing money from acquaintances. At least they’re only suing her for their money back, but if she didn’t take out those loans to pay Way and Way’s Girls … they’d never find her body.


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