Meiqi & Xuanyi of WJSN leave cryptic messages after being pulled from their Rocket Girls center positions

Meiqi and Xuanyi of WJSN have been pulled from Rocket Girls of ‘Produce 101 Chinadue to contract disagreements between Yuehua Entertainment and Tencent. The girls finished first and second, respectively, and they both recently left cryptic posts on Weibo.

On August 14, Mei Qi wrote on her personal Weibo, “Everything is part of the road to growth. Thank you for doing this together with me. Wind and rain will pass. I have no resentments or regrets.” Xuan Yi wrote on her own Weibo, “Our hearts and minds are one, like we’ve always been together. The feeling of being at the beginning. Gratitude. I must be myself.” Both of them still have “Rocket Girls” in their Weibo account names.

Reading the tea leaves a bit, they don’t seem all that thrilled about being pulled, but seemed resigned to the reality of the situation. Again, just feel bad for them as they likely saw this as their chance to shine.


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