Tencent is suing Yuehua & Maverick over withdrawing from Rocket Girls, get support from SNH48 staff

Following Yuehua Entertainment announcing that they were withdrawing Meiqi and Xuanyi of WJSN from ‘Produce 101 China‘ group Rocket Girls (and Maverick Entertainment withdrawing Zining as well), Tencent stated that this was a violation of their contract.

Well now Tencent is backing up that claim with legal action.

While that’s not surprising considering their claims, what was surprising is that Tencent got support from a third party. SNH48 senior staff said that they did not send their member onto the program specifically because the contract language was that they would exclusively belong to the show’s group.

That throws this situation for a loop. While it seemed like we didn’t have much information to decide who was in the wrong or right when it came to this situation (mainly just felt bad for Meiqi/Xuanyi), obviously if what the SNH48 staff is saying is true, that makes me wonder what exactly Yuehua and Maverick are doing.


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