Shitao Miu of ‘PD48’ accused of being a right-wing nut, but the evidence seems tenuous

Produce 48‘ contestant Shitao Miu has trended in Korea for her fancams before, but recently she’s been trending because it’s been alleged that her ugly past has been revealed as basically a right-winger that capes for Imperial Japan. That would be … less than ideal, so let’s take a look.

For a brief background, Ito Hirobumi was Japan’s first Prime Minister, and it was he who Ahn Jung Geun famously assassinated in 1909. Like many things, Ito’s legacy is generally divided between Japan and Korea, though personally it’s not exactly hard to side with Korea’s perspective considering what unfolded.

That historical aside is made necessary because the Pann post in question talks about him and his crimes against Korea. The post then segues into how Miu was born in the same prefecture as him, posting a video where she introduces herself as the prefecture’s representative where Ito is from.

The post seeks to use the connected places of birth as part of the evidence.

“Hello I’m the representative of Yamaguchi prefecture Shitao Miu, please treat me well”
She was born in the Yamaguchi prefecture, Ito Hirobumi was a prominent historical figure in that prefecture

Then it drops the supposed hammer on her, posting another video of her on a show, accusing her of praising Ito while browsing a room with a bunch of plaques dedicated to historical figures.

Shitao Miu going all “sugoi” when visiting Ito’s birthplace
This is the reality of Yamaguchi prefecture, where Shitao was born

Ignorant more than malicious? Likely. Understandable that she might get hate for it in Korea? Sure.

But then I watched the video myself to make sure everything checks out, and this supposedly damning evidence was quite misrepresented.

Unless her voice became exceptionally deep suddenly, that was not her saying much of anything, much less that booming “sugoi“.

Additionally, a Korean fan posted up a defense for her as well.

Yeah, I dunno. These historical Korea/Japan issues are sensitive subjects, and I think most reasonable people can understand why Koreans would be sensitive to anything from the Japanese contestants that could be construed as supporting Imperial Japan. Plus, I’m all for calling out wrong that contestants have done (like I did earlier with one of my faves in Nakanishi Chiyori), regardless of intent.

That said, I’m not sure what Shitao Miu has done here to earn being labelled a right-winger or a hater of Korea or a war criminal apologist, as that all seems like a bit of a stretch to conclude just because an idol didn’t actively disavow Ito. Still, I understand if any association with him, no matter how remote, leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It’s just difficult for me to justify jumping on the hate wagon over what’s been presented thus far.


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