Let’s irresponsibly discuss the amazing rumor that JYPE is buying out contracts of some AKS members on ‘PD48’


Let me just state up front that nobody should take this article seriously, because as of now the only thing I see cited as a source is random netizens saying it. That said, this rumor that JYP Entertainment has been so taken by certain AKS contestants on ‘Produce 48‘ that he’s willing to pay ~$300,000 to buy out their contracts to join JYPE is too fun to ignore.

The best part? The one contestant speculated to be a part of that is fucking Chiba Erii. Hahahahaha.


Also Nanami Asai and Murase Sae, apparently.

This isn’t going to happen, but I don’t care, let’s imagine a future where the legends Chiba Erii and … say, Murakawa Bibian team up to conquer the world.


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