[Update] SHA SHA member Wan Lin collapses during ‘What The Heck’ comeback showcase

SHA SHA, a six-member girl group from Major Entertainment, apparently made their official debut in February of this year. Honestly, I had not heard of them until now, when member Wan Lin collapsed and had to be carried off stage during their comeback showcase for ‘What The Heck‘.

I think the MC just reacted in a panic, so I’m not gonna rip him like everybody else, but … yeah that is not how you want to treat somebody who is out cold and you don’t know what went wrong.

Also, while I understand the cries of noise marketing since it would make sense in their case, I’m not sure that should be the initial response until we figure out what happened. Honestly, noise marketing would be a lot better than if something serious happened. Hopefully it’s nothing.


The company says that Wan Lin is conscious again and that results of her exam will be out tomorrow.

Major Entertainment stated, “Wanlin’s consciousness returned after she was transferred to the hospital. She has completed the examination and is currently taking a rest. The exam results will be out tomorrow afternoon.”


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