Father of GOT7’s Mark tweets about son’s contract status, gets backlash, deletes account

The father of GOT7‘s Mark has a reputation for being entertaining on social media, which had garnered him close to a million followers. However, that is apparently now all gone as he made a cryptic tweet involving the time left on his son’s contract, got backlash from fans, and then deleted his account.

On August 23, he tweeted (in Chinese), “In the past, when you reached your sophomore year in high school, you began to choose a college to study at… Mark’s contract has two years left on it. Will he renew or choose to be independent? He needs to start preparing…

I guess I can see how that might stress fans out or how they might feel like he wasn’t doing anybody any favors by providing reasons for sites like this to speculate. However, I don’t think what he said was damaging, and quite frankly I didn’t even notice anything was going on until fans started talking about this stuff after he deleted his account.


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