[Update] LAYSHA find hidden cams in dressing room & bedroom (and more), plan legal action

Members of LAYSHA have made posts on Instagram recently saying they have been the victims of hidden cameras that were been installed in places like their transportation, dressing room, and bedroom. Goeun and Som decided to speak out after they saw footage of them floating around the Internet that they didn’t consent to.




“There were all sorts of malicious comments, rumors, and hackings. I didn’t want to stress myself out or turn it into a big thing so I didn’t do anything, but now there are hidden cameras… I don’t think I can hold it in anymore.”

“They were in the locker rooms at our agency, in the car, in my house. I don’t even know when these tiny cameras could have been installed, but whoever did this must be caught. I’m tired of suffering and crying on my own.”

“Moving forward, no matter what it is, I will be taking strict action. To everyone who is using me as a piece of gossip, thinking nothing of it, I’m going to sue you all and make sure you receive punishment.”



“‘Something to cherish forever’ … What exactly are you going to do with hidden camera footage of someone else forever? It’s something anyone can see even without an ID or password? Are you crazy? [Hidden cameras] in our members’ houses, the agency, the car, and then the photos being revealed. These are things that I only ever saw happen to other people on TV or online, but the fact that this happened to us under our noses, when we first were notified, I just cried. All of LAYSHA has been very patient until now, being thankful for even the smallest bit of interest and saying that bad comments are better than no comments. [For a long time], we let ridiculous rumors and personal attacks slide. But this is the result of all that patience? The four of us have worked so hard, and our leader has worked harder than anyone to bring us to where we are today. Yes, our job is such that people talk [about us], but no one has the right to invade our privacy and use that to hurt us, as casually as one might snap a photo of something on the ground. We’re going to take legal action, and will not stand by and watch anymore. I’ve been receiving a lot of messages since I woke up this morning, but if you know me and happen across the videos or related posts online, please report it and let me know. The same holds true for anyone who knows anything about the footage. And if the person who posted the footage sees this, stop and wait for your punishment.”


Many netizens, both domestic and international, suspect that their company JS Entertainment is involved somehow due to the level of access needed to execute this, but the members themselves don’t seem to know the source. Regardless, LAYSHA seem to be planning to take legal action with Goeun and Som taking the reins.

Being frank, the biggest issue they’re likely going to face with this is their sexy concept, as even those who should be supporting them might not. Hopefully people can get past what they do and see this as a potential ridiculous violation of the members that connects with a bigger ongoing social issue in Korea.


Update 1

Goeun has seen the netizen speculation that her company might be the culprit, and she has updated her post to say that it’s definitely not the company. She also added that she is absolutely not making this all up, which addresses the other direction of netizen speculation.

Update 2

Both Goeun and Som have deleted their posts. It’s unclear why at this time.


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