Coco says she was unaware of Sori’s solo debut, accuses company of favoritism

In addition to being a YouTuber, Coco is also a Twitch streamer now. On a recent broadcast, people were asking her about Sori‘s solo debut. Well, they probably got more than they bargained for, as Coco stated that she was unaware of Sori’s solo debut and that she hasn’t mentioned it because she feels like the company is showing favoritism, basically.

I guess she figured the company might have a problem with her outing all of this, so she deleted the full broadcast before I could save it. However, you can catch a section of her talking about the issues she has with it in this clip.

I would worry about how this might impact her standing with the company, but I’m not sure she cares all that much at this point since she also mentioned talking about getting out from her contract. Coco actually made her solo debut back in May of 2017 with “Wishy Washy“, and she also released “Sugar Cake” last month, but she sounded done with being an idol and I would expect her to just continue her pretty successful career as a personality at this point.

To be fair, I do wonder if the company felt something like this was coming and that was part of their reasoning for their decision. More likely was they thought Sori had more potential as an idol after she made the Real Girls Project on ‘The Idolmaster Korea‘ and the final group on the girls side of ‘MIXNINE‘, whereas Coco only had a bit part in ‘The Idolmaster Korea’ and didn’t make it on ‘The Unit‘. Of course, it’s not a reason to treat her like shit, but I’m betting it definitely played a role from a corporate perspective.

While I’m realistic about the behind-the-scenes relationships of idols, I’m guessing Coco wouldn’t throw Sori under the bus unless there was some level of animosity between the two over this, so that’s kind of a shame. I never got the impression that they were necessarily close, but it did seem like they got on well before.

Yeah, yikes. Granted, we only have one side at this point, but shots are being fired.

Given that Coco has said she’ll be more open about stuff once her contract ends, I doubt this is the last we hear about this. Mess.


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