NeonPunch gets told by their CEO that they’re disbanding in a “prank” … IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO

NeonPunch, a five-member girl group under A100 Entertainment that just debuted in 2018, was recently “pranked” by their CEO. In a hidden camera video, Baek Jong Wook calls the group into his office and delivers the news that they’re disbanding.

The CEO informed the quintet that he didn’t have any hopes for the group’s future and that he thought it was best if the group would disband. He then talked to them individually and asked if they would be willing to go back to being a trainee, and they all agreed. Then he gave them a message, which revealed that they were not disbanding and it was a prank, saying it was so people could learn about failure and devastation or some shit.

So … he’s saying … hmmm.



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