“Translated” version of E’Dawn’s post on Pentagon’s fancafe meant to be malicious actually shows how ridiculous this is

After E’Dawn spoke out recently on Pentagon‘s fancafe about his temporary hiatus and his “scandal” of dating HyunA, netizens went ahead and spread a “translated” version of it that accused him of not being remorseful enough or whatever. It just takes whatever E’Dawn wrote and inserts their own interpretation (bold) after.

“I’m so sorry to greet you so suddenly, and so late, through this post.”
“The only thing I’m sorry about is that I can only communicate through words online, and that I’m late; I’m not sorry about deceiving the fans.”

“I truly wanted to stand in front of you fans… at our fanclub opening ceremony in August with my members… but none of that came true due to circumstances.”
“The company prevented me from attending.”

“Afterward… even though I said I wanted to show you my truthful side confidently, I disappeared without warning; so I am writing in the hopes that even just a little bit of my apologetic feeling and my whereabouts will touch the fans who are simply waiting for me with troubled hearts, even though it’s so late and I’m not sure if this will reach you.”
“This letter is dedicated only to those fans who are still defending me blindly.”

“Before all of this happened, I talked over what was the right or wrong decision with my members so many times…”
“The members agreed to me going public with the relationship so it’s not my fault, I’m right.”

“However, because I chose it, I felt that rather than telling an even bigger lie later on, I had to be honest to you all.”
“I thought my blind fans would understand my desire to win at both work and romance.”

“I’m disappointed that I will not be able to keep my promise of greeting you on stage…”
“I can’t believe the company is literally keeping me out of any promotions.”

“Still, in one sense, I do feel relieved that I’ll be able to join the members with the music that we all worked on together… I will cheer for the album we created with honesty and for my members…”
“But I composed the song so if the song does well, you know it’s all my doing right? I’ll be resting while getting paid in royalties.”

“I was given a long period of time in the form of a month. At first, I suspected that you would hate me, and worried that maybe some of you were hurt, and I had a time of reflecting on all kinds of thoughts.”
“I’ve already been reflecting for a month, isn’t it time to let me off the hook? Regardless of what fans thought of me, I still wanted to tell the world that I was dating a queen.”

“It’s sad that after all this time, I can only relay my honest thoughts through writing. ”
“The company won’t let me do anything. My blind fans, pressure them some more.”

“I’m not sure how and in what format we’ll be able to meet again next time, but until then, please don’t be sick, and I’ll do well while praying that only good things will happen to you.”
“I’m gonna slide back into the group for the next promotions like nothing happened, I’m just putting down some groundwork for that now. I’ll just enjoy my love life until then.”

It’s telling in that they believe the “translation” of his post is egregious. In reality, while it would be blunt, it would also be … I mean, fine. Like their “translation” boils down to him hypothetically saying that he wants to have a love life, that the company is screwing him over, and that he wants to return like nothing happened soon. That’s the worst these people can read into the situation, and I feel like it’s telling as to what the stakes are, which is nothing to anybody sound of mind.

Get a grip kids, like the one HyunA gets on E’Dawn’s cock every night.


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