Hara and boyfriend investigated by police over alleged domestic violence incident

Hara and her boyfriend are under investigation by authorities over alleged domestic violence within their relationship. The boyfriend made a report to the police about being assaulted by her, while Hara claims the assault was mutual.

According to the Gangnam Police Station, a report was received about Goo Hara assaulting her boyfriend at about 12:30 a.m. KST on September 13. Reportedly, her boyfriend “A,” who is a hair designer, broke up with her, to which she responded violently, and her claim is that it was two-sided violence. A source from the police commented, “Only the report has been received, and we will schedule with the individuals for the investigation.”

Hara’s company (Content Y) hasn’t made any kind of statement yet as they haven’t been able to check in with her.

In response, her agency Content Y said, “We just heard the news. Goo Hara has not had schedules recently, so we haven’t been able to get immediately in contact with her. Currently, Goo Hara’s manager and others are attempting to get in contact, and we will announce an official statement after checking.”

The violence itself allegedly consisted of scratching and arm twisting, but while the extent of the damage thankfully doesn’t seem to be significant, obviously it’s still a concerning story. Information that emerges from the investigations should shed more light on what happened, but it does seem relevant that there’s no denial of things getting physical.


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