Dreamcatcher’s highlight medley for ‘Alone In The City’ is reassuring at least

Dreamcatcher have been releasing teasers non-stop recently, both in images for ‘Alone In The City‘ and trailers for “What“. And while there’s always anxiety about their sound with every comeback, this time it was especially in doubt because this represented the start of a new era. Thankfully though, at least for me, the highlight medley for the album was reassuring.

I get the feeling that Ollounder and LEEZ enjoy doing the intros the most. The other songs on the album definitely show a different side to them, with “Wonderland” going for something sensual (the performances … I am excite), “Trap” appearing to be a hip-hop focused offering, and “July 7th” providing intriguing reggae vibes. Meanwhile, “What” seems to retain the feeling of their already established sound, which … uh, obviously is something I have enjoyed from their debut until now.


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