Asian Junkie has been snitched on to Way’s Girls, this time with acknowledgment by the boss

A few months ago, I covered Way becoming a streamer on Twitch with her boyfriend, and also her twin ChoA. Sounded cool to get a chance to interact with a member of one of my favorite K-pop groups ever.

Unfortunately, less than a week later, one of you tried to snitch on me reporting on Way’s Girls during one of her broadcasts. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like anybody paid much attention to it, as I’m still alive months later. Recently though, one of you persistent snitches sent links and what not, and this time she clearly read the shit.

Oh no.

Well, at least if I’m gonna die, I got her to acknowledge her role in her Twitch profile.

Asian Junkie impact!


Seriously though, lol.


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