Sunye’s agency confirms third pregnancy, potential comeback will probably have to wait

Polaris Entertainment, the new company of former Wonder Girls member Sunye, has announced that she’s pregnant with her third child and is due to give birth in early 2019.

“Hello. We want to share some positive news before the Chuseok holiday. Polaris Entertainment’s Sunye (Min Sunye) is pregnant with her third child. Both the baby and Sunye are healthy, and the baby is due in January 2019. The reason why we did not share this news when she signed with us in August is because Sunye and the baby’s health was the top priority for us. So we ask for your understanding. Sunye is focusing on prenatal education for her baby. We are also waiting for the baby full of happiness and blessing. Sunye already has two daughters. Sunye’s husband, daughters, and family are all waiting for the baby to arrive. Please give your blessings to Sunye’s family who are preparing to welcome a new member to their family. Please support Sunye so she can have a safe delivery. Thank you.”

Sunye only announced she was signing with Polaris with an eye on a comeback in August, even appearing on ‘King Of Mask Singer. That doesn’t appear as if it’ll be happening for a while, but at least the company seems to have been aware of it.

I suppose Sunye hasn’t technically done this before, as her first pregnancy was during her original contract and her second was well over a year after her renewal (though she did announce a five-year mission three months after renewing), but it sure feels like it at this point. Of course, she can do whatever she damn wants, but … please eventually actually make the comeback this time?


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