Amuro Namie bronze statue planned in Okinawa … and a chapel that chimes “Can You Celebrate”

With Amuro Namie now being officially retired, it was emerged that Ginowan in Okinawa (the site of her final concert) is now planning to erect a bronze statue of her.

Because Namie Amuro is indeed one of the islands’ most beloved daughters, Ginowan is actually thinking of erecting a bronze statue of her. They plan to make this statue a pilgrimage site for the retired singer’s fans as this was also the site of her final concert. Aside from the plans of erecting a bronze statue of her, several Okinawa establishments also playing her songs throughout the week. In her hometown of Naha, The Ryukyu Shimpo’s building is also displaying a huge poster of her. Of course, this is in tribute to her career and all she has done.

But hey, why stop at a bronze statue, right? So better yet, there are also plans to build a fucking chapel on her final concert grounds, whose bells will chime to the tune of “Can You Celebrate“.

The Ryugin Research Institute Ltd.’s head thinks that the singer’s retirement might boost tourism even further, resulting in a bigger financial impact for Okinawa as a whole. There are now plans to build a chapel on the grounds of her final concert, and it will have the chime of her “Can you celebrate?” song.

People are always talking about worshiping their faves, but if you’re a fan of Amuro Namie, you might quite literally get to do it.


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