Lawyer for Hara’s ex claims no intent to blackmail with sex tape & uses bizarre logic, ex fired from job

After it was revealed that Hara‘s ex had reportedly blackmailed Hara with a sex tape he had in his possession, it was announced that Hara was pressing charges against him. The lawyers for the ex responded, not denying the facts, but saying that blackmail was not the intent and that Hara consented to doing the videos.

“A had no intention of blackmailing Goo Hara with the video,” said Lawyer Kwak. “I confirmed with A, and he told me that Goo Hara herself filmed the video and that he asked her why they had to do so. However, he eventually gave in and agreed to film the video.”

There’s no purpose to this quote other than to basically insinuate that Hara is a slut and trying to turn the public against her by shaming her for making a sex tape. I cannot imagine a scenario where a lawyer does not know the difference between consenting to film a sex tape with a partner to be shared in private between them and consenting to have it spread to the media and online in revenge.

The lawyer did admit that the video and texts were legit, he just claims the intent wasn’t to blackmail.

The lawyer said, however, that he himself has yet to see the video. “I should have taken a look to confirm the truth, but because it’s a private matter of the two involved parties,’ I have yet to look at it.” He adamantly stated that the video will never be released. “Apart from what A sent Goo Hara through text, the video has not been released anywhere,” he said, and added, “Goo Hara was mistaken when she thought that A sending her clips of the video was with the intent to blackmail her.”

Okay, uh, some of you guys might want to take a deep breath before reading this next part.

“According to A, he sent parts of the video to Goo Hara as memories to cherish. If the video were to get out, A would also be impacted greatly, not just Goo Hara, so why would he release it?”

What the fuck?

They just had a physical altercation and the ex’s lawyer is claiming the intent of sending that video to her in that moment as he was contacting Dispatch about a scoop on Hara was just to cherish memories? On top of that, he’s acting like the ex would be as affected by a sex tape getting out as Hara?

It’s the lawyer’s job to defend their client, but this is just fucking ridiculously silly shit nobody could believe.

“Even if [A had sent Goo Hara the video], neither I nor A have once mentioned the video. We hoped that, because Goo Hara is a female celebrity, the situation wouldn’t get any bigger. However, because of a certain news outlet, it was revealed that A sent a sex tape to Goo Hara. We’ve never revealed this to anyone.”

Is this supposed to be virtuous or something? “Yay, I didn’t out myself for trying to blackmail my ex with a sex tape.” Come on.

On the other hand, it’s quite easy to figure out her motivation for bringing it up, as people were questioning why she wanted to settle and why she wanted all this to go away, so she just laid everything out on the table.

Lawyer Kwak said that though Goo Hara and A are currently locked in conflict through lawsuits, the possibility is there that they may come to terms.

I previously stated that unless the ex’s defense was that what Dispatch reported was fabricated and never happened, it would be difficult to believe their side of the story. Well, instead of disputing the veracity of the claims, they actually confirmed that the exchanges happened. So fuck this guy.


Well, at least the ex was fired from his job over this mess, according to the salon’s Instagram.

“This is Salon Hearts.
Team Leader 000 has been fired from our salon and has not worked a single day at our salon since the incident.
Our salon is not related in any way to the incident and as such, we ask that you refrain from false rumors or negative comments.”

Furthermore, police are now looking into the ex’s stuff for evidence.

On October 4, the Seoul Kangnam Police revealed they officially began searching Mr. Choi’s home, car, and previous place of employment at a hair salon on the 2nd. Police are currently analyzing his cell phone, USB flash drives, and other storage devices found during the search. Police plan to call in Hara’s ex-boyfriend for questioning once they’ve looked over the possible evidence.

Certainly seems like he’s played himself. All Hara wanted was for this to quietly go away, but now the police is all up in his shit, and I hope he goes away forever after this.


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