HyunA confirmed to depart from Cube Entertainment, posts vids of her and E’Dawn

HyunA recently posted pictures of herself on a date with Pentagon‘s E’Dawn in the midst of their status with Cube Entertainment being up in the air, but that’s no longer the case for at least HyunA, who is confirmed to be parting ways with the company.

“Hello. This is Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment and HyunA reached an agreement to terminate her contract on October 15. We sincerely thank the artist who has been with us until now and fans once again.”

Well, that’s a rather terse statement for a separation with somebody who was the face of your company. Though the language is a lot less aggressive now, I suppose because it was mutual at this point.

Either way, HyunA has now progressed to posting videos with E’Dawn shortly after the news.




I’m dying.

The Korean netizens comments are predictable (of course, most Koreans don’t give a shit, just fans), but international netizens are also being predictably stupid about it.



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