[Review] N.Tic surprise with quite the banger out of nowhere with “Do You Know Who I Am?”

What’s up with this month’s strongest boy group tracks going to acts so under-funded that their management can’t even properly encode a music video? Seriously, the video for N.Tic’s second single, “Do You Know Who I Am?“, is of incredibly poor quality. It’s jittery, pixelated, and lumbers along with occasional audio sync issues. It probably would’ve been smarter to forgo a music video completely rather than unleash something like this on an already skeptical market. But the song? Good god, the song is a total banger.

I was not a big fan of N.Tic’s debut. It played things too hesitant and ended up quickly fading from memory. “Do You Know Who I Am?” is a complete course correction, amping up the energy a hundredfold and lacing it with an instantly catchy hook.

At first, it feels as if the song may be yet another generic exercise in tropical house, with its first verse unfolding over a trumpeting synth riff and overly familiar electronic percussion. But, an exciting rap verse quickly launches us into the commanding pre-chorus, where the synths begin to resound with added power. From here, “Do You Know Who I Am?” adopts a Star Of Stars-esque energy, pulsing with unflagging propulsion. The instrumental continues to grow as electric guitar joins the fray. Even a brief EDM breakdown during the bridge quickly pays off as the vocals slam back in with added force. The song’s chorus is a little repetitive, but it’s a slick bit of melody that withstands the risk of over-saturation. I’m utterly shocked at how strong this is. It’s a pity that so few listeners will ever find it.

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