Miyavi to collab with Miura Daichi, Gallant, Samuel L. Jackson (yes), and more for ‘Samurai Sessions 3’

MIYAVI will be releasing the collaboration album ‘SAMURAI SESSIONS 3‘ on December 5, and he’s casting a wide net in terms of partners. Among those featuring will be Miura Daichi, Gallant, Kato Miliyah, KREVA, AK-69, and … somehow Samuel L. Jackson.

Worlds Collide(Intro) / MIYAVI vs Samuel L. Jackson
Rain Dance / MIYAVI vs KREVA vs Daichi Miura
In Crowd(Remix) / MIYAVI vs Bok Nero
Runway / MIYAVI vs AK-69
I’m So / MIYAVI vs NVDES vs Seann Bowe
Easy / MIYAVI vs Betty Who vs RAC
Knock Me Out / MIYAVI vs Mikky Ekko
Gentleman(Remix) / MIYAVI vs Gallant
Pink Spider(Remix) / MIYAVI vs hide
Get Into My Heart(Radio Edit) / MIYAVI vs SHISHIDO KAVKA
Our Love / MIYAVI vs Miliyah Kato
Me and the Moonlight / MIYAVI vs Yuna
Fragile / MIYAVI vs 雅 -MIYAVI-

No matter what Samuel L. Jackson is actually doing on the album, you want to know what the hell it is, right? Guessing that’s the point.


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