Fans of The Boyz’s Sangyeon are concerned over a fansite constantly following him

If you’ve ever really gotten into a K-pop group, then you’d know that fansites are integral to getting quality pictures and videos from events that not everybody in the mainstream news will cover. However, you’ll also know that many are glorified sasaengs, act entitled as fuck, and can cause more problems than they’re worth.

The latter type is what fans of the The Boyz are worried about in regards to a Sangyeon fansite called Special You that seems to be participating in questionable behavior, as the owner is seen following him closely over and over again to the point that you’d think he was with her.

Even another Sangyeon fansite, Artic Blue, mentioned it.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a new accusation, as it dates back to at least September. But even if the concerns are legit, perhaps the biggest issue is that aside from calling them out, I’m not sure what anybody can do.


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