San E drops “FEMINIST” diss after Isu Station incident, Jerry.K destroys it in “No You Are Not” response

Following the Isu Station incident taking over the headlines in Korea (look into it further elsewhere, it’s all over the news), rapper San E injected himself into the issue, releasing a diss song to feminists (seriously) in the directly-titled “Feminist“.

Quite frankly, it was just not a great diss song, primarily because he didn’t make any damn sense and contradicted himself within his own lyrics.

One could tell that it was pieced together in like a day or so.

Anyway, it was easy enough to take down that Jerry.K followed up with a response called “No You Are Not” that called out most of what people were already saying about San E’s lyrics.

I mean … yeah.

If one evaluates the two songs on its merits, I don’t see how San E even responds to this, really. San E’s shit was just sloppy as hell and made it extremely easy for anybody to respond, they just had to have the nuts to do it in macho-posturing central and Jerry.K happily dunked the alley-oop.

That last line is fucking lol. Fuck with your soul like ether.


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