BAND-MAID continue to not disappoint with the driving force in “Glory”

A couple weeks ago, BAND-MAID released the full music video to “Glory“, something I put on the backburner at the time (guessing due to baseball hangover) and just forgot until now. My fault. Either way, that wasn’t a reflection on the quality of the release, as they yet again came through.

While I’ve liked other singles of theirs more than “Glory”, it’s striking to me how even the releases that I’m initially unsure of are still ultimately enjoyable. It helps that I like the vocal, but there’s a certain underlying consistency to their sound that deserves credit as well. I shouldn’t be surprised, but yet I kind of am? Maybe the gimmick continues to irrationally lower my expectations.

Regardless, that gimmick exists because it works sometimes, basically. Like would I have even clicked play the first time if they were just a regular band and not this weird maid concept? Maybe or maybe not, but once they got me to click I don’t recall ever being disappointed.


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