Big Hit Entertainment confirm they plan to debut new boy group in 2019, which should be interesting

Yesterday it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment would debut a new five-member boy group early on in 2019, and in response to those reports, BHE did confirm plans to debut a new boy group but that everything about them was up in the air.

Big Hit Entertainment confirmed, “We are currently preparing a boy group with the goal of them debuting at the beginning of next year.” The agency clarified that the number of members, their concept, and other details have not yet been finalized, and will be announced at a later date. This upcoming group will be the first group in six years to debut under Big Hit Entertainment, following BTS’s debut in 2013.

Definitely makes a lot of sense from a timing perspective. BTS could be heading off to the military in around two years time, and depending on how they do that, could be on hiatus for a while. As such, debuting the new group now would hypothetically give them time to gain a solid foothold in the industry and keep things rolling along for BHE regardless of how quickly the military service goes for BTS.

Should be interesting to see if BHE is able to follow up on BTS successfully, because while they’re obviously skyrocketing financially now, what makes the Big 3 who they are is their ability to create successful groups over and over. Also something to watch is the ability to manage multiple groups, as even in the past they co-managed like 2AM, 8Eight, and GLAM with JYP Entertainment and Source Music.


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