Anti tells DIA’s Yebin that IU would never show her love, IU immediately swoops in to show her love

DIA‘s Yebin recently posted a video of her covering IU‘s “Between The Lips” on Instagram, which seemed like a standard enough thing to do considering how beloved IU is in Korea.

But one dickhead took the time out of their day to tell Yebin that IU would never show love to her because she’s not popular.

“Did you know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a gift? Only popular people receive love from IU. Not you, Yebin… Get your head straight.. You look pathetic….”

Yebin actually responded to this person, saying that it was fine since she did it because she’s a fan, which is how a reasonable person would view her uploading an IU cover.

“It’s okay because I love her~”

But as it turns out, the anti actually started what would end up as a great day for Yebin, as IU took notice of the hate and chimed in by leaving a comment for her.

IU also liked the video of the cover to cap the saga off.



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