Baseball Breakdown: EXID’s Jeonghwa tries to break her fingers while bunting

As I feel like I cannot adequately express the disdain I have for the Asian Junkie readers who hate baseball content on the site, I am now dedicating a goddamn feature to dunking on analyzing celebrities attempting baseball basics.

“Is he seriously going to waste his time on a feature that like five people in total will ever read?”

Feel free to send in requests!


Jeonghwa of EXID is starring in a web drama called ‘Society Baseball‘, and the show’s Instagram account posted a picture of her bunting the other day, which triggered something in my soul.

Honestly, it’s not even about wanting her to bunt with the correct technique, it’s about wanting her to bunt with a technique that isn’t liable to break her fucking fingers.

As you can see Joe Panik of the San Francisco Giants demonstrate, what she wants to do is hold the bat between her thumb and forefinger up close to the barrel of the bat. Not only does this serve to protect her fingers from getting mangled by the pitch, but it also provides better control of the barrel.


It’s a simple fix that requires only the bare minimum in baseball knowledge, which means whoever is advising on ‘Society Baseball’ — if anybody even is — has no idea what they’re doing.



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