Coco’s (former?) company to take legal action over Coco’s comments directed at them and Sori

CocoSori member (former, I assume) and current streamer Coco has previously talked about the alleged shitty treatment she received from MOL Entertainment, and also aired her grievances with former group member Sori.

All of that has been addressed towards Coco’s English-speaking audience, and perhaps that is because she wanted to avoid what’s happening now, as the company has released a statement on her comments.

Well, at least we sorta have the other side to the story now. The company is basically saying that Coco is putting spin on events to make her personal difficulties the problem of the company and Sori. Most importantly, they are going to go the legal route in terms of dealing with this.

While MOL generally denies Coco’s side, they don’t bother to explain much of anything, seemingly choosing to leave that up to the courts. So we should probably wait and see what else comes of the battle between Coco and her company.

All that said, I’m not sure why Sori has to continue to be collateral damage in this. Even from Coco’s side of things, at worst Sori’s crime was not keeping her former member informed on where her career was going, and we definitely don’t know if even that is the whole story. So now Sori’s supposedly getting hate for … uh, having better potential as a soloist, I guess?


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