[Review] Twice’s holiday-adjacent “The Best Thing I Ever Did” is different but bland

Twice have had a truly prolific 2018. With “The Best Thing I Ever Did” acting as a capper, they’ve released seven official singles and a few additional music videos. Throughout it all, I’ve been consistent in wishing the girls would tackle new sounds. I realize how hypocritical this might come across, as I’m often quite vocal about groups finding a “signature sound” and sticking with it. But in the case of Twice, I’m eager to hear new aspects of their style. We know they can nail a bubblegum pop song, but their b-sides prove that they’re capable of much more than that.

With this in mind, “The Best Thing I Ever Did” is a potentially exciting prospect. It’s not quite a Christmas song (I’d call it “holiday-adjacent”), but its seasonal release gives the group a chance to lean into their r&b side for the first time on a title track. This approach allows for greater focus on their vocals, arranged in a way many haven’t heard before. I only wish the actual song was stronger.

Despite having a veritable army of composers attached to the project, “The Best Thing I Ever Did” comes off as rather bland. It establishes its groove early on and never really builds to anything more interesting. The instrumental throws in a sleigh bell here and there, but mostly rides on a plucked rhythm that feels surprisingly hesitant.

In a way, “The Best Thing I Ever Did” sounds like an extended introduction for a more impactful song to follow. A stronger chorus would have helped the track stand out, but what we get is a bit limp, lacking the kind of memorable hook Twice have become known for.

I’m shocked that it took seven songwriters to come up with something so forgettable — especially given the clout behind the scenes (JYP, Full8loom, Park Jimin, etc). I guess I need to be careful what I wish for, as “The Best Thing I Ever Did” is definitely different for Twice, but in this case I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

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