WANNA ONE fans ended up forcing Korean Air to change their refund policy

Don’t let anyone tell you that K-pop fandoms don’t make a difference, as WANNA ONE sasaengs got Korean Air to change the airline’s refund policy.

According to a statement acquired by the Global Times on Tuesday, Korean Air announced that starting January 1, 2019, it will charge an extra no-show penalty for passengers who hold paid tickets from the airline but decide to cancel for “personal reasons” after entering the departure lounge. The airline will charge from 1,680 yuan ($243.6) to 2,180 yuan based on the route distance, the statement said.

This is of course in response to the three WANNA ONE sasaengs who bought tickets to stalk the members on their plane and then demanded (and got) a refund, making over 350 passengers who actually intended to fly have to disembark and go through security again.

Legends only.


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