The East Light’s ex-producer Moon Young Il arrested on assault charges

Two months after The East Light‘s Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun came forward with their disturbing story of being physically and verbally abused, an update was provided in the form of their ex-producer Moon Young Il being arrested and detained on assault charges.

“Hello. This is lawyer Jung Ji Seok. As of December 20, the Bangbae Police Station, who is investigating the case involving Moon Young Il and The East Light, has imprisoned Moon Young Il through the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office for charges of extraordinary and repeated violence. Through the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office and the Seoul Central District Courts, the Bangbae Police Station filed an arrest warrant against Moon Young Il, and a judge issued the arrest warrant on December 14. The arrest warrant was enforced in the early morning of December 15, and we have confirmed that Moon Young Il is currently being held in jail at the Seocho Police Station. “

The case doesn’t stop at Moon Young Il, as CEO Kim Chang Hwan and President Lee Jung Hyun are also under investigation for their role in the abuse.

The Bangbae Police Station has also been investigating CEO Kim Chang Hwan and president Lee Jung Hyun (of Media Line Entertainment) for inciting and abetting violence and violating child welfare law. Kim Chang Hwan has had his case forwarded to the prosecutor’s office to be indicted, while Lee Jung Hyun has had his case forwarded with the suggestion of no indictments. Suspects who are jailed by the prosecutor’s office are held for up to 10 days (December 29), so we believe that he will be sentenced within the year if there are no special circumstances. Thank you.

While this doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything yet, the update is a welcome one. The producer is being charged is great, but more so because these things can get lost in the wind by the media when it comes to the little guys, and that tends to be when the little guys get screwed over worst.


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