Dreamcatcher spent their Christmas busking for fans, including covering (sorta) “Last Christmas” + comeback rumor

Dreamcatcher spent their Christmas busking at Coex Winter Festival for fans, performing their usual, but also including Wham!‘s “Last Christmas“.



“Chase Me”


“You And I”

“Last Christmas”

The most notable thing is the cover of “Last Christmas”, at least when they actually choose to sing it instead of doing fanservice (want to hear it proper, dammit), as it’s a rare actual good Christmas song as well as being a good Japanese drama.


Since some have questioned my Siyeon ult status recently, here’s a section just for her.

How do people not like her? I dunno.


Continuing with the Christmas theme, here’s a ‘Dreamcatcher’s Note‘ that focuses on their Christmas photoshoot.


Oh yeah, they’re rumored to be coming back in February.

Get your wallets ready, you fucks.


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