People somehow still upset about Hyolyn’s performance at the KBS Drama Awards

In wow-I-definitely-thought-this-would-die-down news, Hyolyn pissed people off with her performance at the KBS Drama Awards on December 31.

She began by singing “Spring Watch” from the drama ‘Black Knight‘, which obviously wasn’t what caused the mess, but rather her subsequent “See Sea” and “Dally” stages.

The remarkable thing isn’t that netizens are mad about a bit of ass, as even Hwasa got backlash for her attire recently, but that people are still like super mad. Hyolyn’s topping search engines in the New Year even above the Kai/Jennie dating news, and there are Blue House petitions over the performance.


Honestly, I initially didn’t bother covering this because I thought it would just blow over, but I guess not. Probably won’t surprise any readers of this site that I can’t find it in me to be offended by anything Hyolyn did.

I mean, obviously the KBS Drama Awards didn’t have a problem with it. I get that it’s one of those stuck-up, way-too-serious, black-tie affairs, so this kind of thing especially stands out, but it’s not like Hyolyn just decided to do this on her own or something. The show hired her, planned things out, and went through rehearsals without issue, so it seems likely both sides knew what they were getting into, for better or worse.

People can feel however they want about this, but it’s just hard for me to sympathize with anybody being so mad over seeing some ass. As far as the celebs in attendance, their reactions (or lack thereof) is meaningless because they’re always like that, even for SNSD. The kids? Well let me quote the late philosopher Bernie Mac.


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