HyunA & E’Dawn tease a duet between them in which she calls him ‘fiance’

HyunA teased a duet with her boyfriend E’Dawn on Instagram recently, though the bigger news is likely that he may not be her boyfriend but her fiance now if her lyrics are anything to go by.

This is the kind of nuance that only we know
I’ll promise everything, fiancé
Peonies are in full bloom
You and I walked the same path
Let’s walk together for time we have left, everyday
Our relationship shines more than anything
Like a 100-carat diamond

Guess “Purple” was real, then.


Well, all the concern trolling about them risking so much over their relationship would look awful silly if the primary reason they’ve been insistent about it is because they’re engaged and wanted to get married. People understandably would risk a lot for their spouse, including stuff like moving and changing careers or whatever, so … yeah.

While this move would seem sudden from a public relationship standpoint, it’s been over two years of dating now, so it’s not that absurd.


They should just release a cover of this now, honestly.


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