Amaki Sally tries not to swear while playing ‘Dark Deception’, becomes philosopher, keeps it real

Amaki Sally is always entertaining whether we’re laughing at her plight or with her jokes or both, and on a recent video as her character Fujima Sakura, she decided to answer questions found on the Internet that supposedly didn’t have answers or something.

Sally outed her namesake from the tongue-twister as a scammer, provided the most accurate answer to the fridge question, and then put people into a deep period of self-reflection with the driving speed thing. Making society better one answer at a time.

But the main thing I wanted to cover was Sally playing the ‘Dark Deception‘ horror VR game because it went about as you’d expect.

Like half the video is her wanting to swear up a storm but having to stop herself cause she wants to keep her job. She’s barely in character for most of it, which isn’t a negative.

Also, basically the entire dialogue she has with the woman at the start and then her ending statement was fucking gold. An existential nihilist and pessimistic realist idol. Sally is truly a trailblazer.


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