IU personally addresses real estate controversy, wants the receipts if people have them

Despite the real estate controversy appearing to be thoroughly squashed yesterday, IU went ahead and denied the rumors personally on her Instagram anyway.

Obtaining unfairly given information to buy the land for the purpose of selling it at a higher price and gaining the profit of 2.3 billion won. None of this is true. I swear on my career, which is the most precious thing to me personally, that there is no falsehood in this. I decided on this location to stay for a long, long time, and to plan and try out a lot of things. If there are people who still argue that I gained access to unjust information and intentionally used it to sell for a profit, please show clearer evidence. If you feel certain enough about your suspicion to completely ignore and deny one person’s values and action, I think you need to put more effort to make valid criticism. Because I am confident that I will not get tired or anxious about it, I will surely receive your apology someday. Furthermore, just as I revealed yesterday, there are many other people who live and spend time in the building besides me. I politely ask that reporters respect the privacy of them and the neighbors who live nearby the building.

So basically, if people still want to come at her over this, then IU wants receipts.



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