EXID’s contracts are expiring in May, reportedly going separate ways, everything is terrible

Well, 2019 is off to a straight-up dogshit start, as after the likely disbandment of Girl’s Day, it was recently reported that EXID‘s contracts were set to expire and they were already considering going their separate ways.

Several music industry representatives stated that the contracts of EXID members are expiring soon, with a first contract expiring in February. While the expiration date for each member’s contract varies, all the members need to decide whether they want to renew their contracts before this year. They further stated that the members are reportedly considering to walk separate paths, and there are already a few members who have contacted other agencies.

Banana Culture issued an official statement in response, saying that their contracts last until May.

Banana Culture clarified through an official statement, “EXID is contracted to work with us until May of 2019, and they have a Japanese tour scheduled for February. They are also preparing to release a studio album after the tour.” The company continued, “EXID plans to complete all scheduled events before their contracts expire, and each member will come in for a thorough individual discussion regarding contract renewals either at the end of January or sometime in February.”

You want to be hopeful, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound like they’re going to be sticking with the company. While that would be fine in itself, they also look to be going to different agencies, and groups don’t usually manage to make it work once it gets to that point.



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