TVXQ’s Yunho prefers to let his ding-ding flail about while choreographing in the mirror

TVXQ‘s Yunho revealed on ‘Radio Star‘ recently that he choreographs best while he’s naked and looking at himself in the mirror, like a more idol-y, more naked Travis Bickle.

During the broadcast, host Cha Tae Hyun asked Yunho if the idol usually choreographs while naked. Yunho was taken aback by the question, but he responded, “[I do] when I’m alone.” He explained, “You can see your flaws the best when you are in the most primitive and fundamental state.”

Yunho went on to brush off any criticism, basically saying that he looks good naked.

The hosts then asked if he doesn’t feel the need to wear at least one piece of clothing, and the idol answered, “Don’t you ever feel like you are looking unusually handsome while taking a shower? That’s when I come up with the best choreography.” Yunho revealed, “I came up with the choreography to ‘Mirotic’ [while I was naked]. At the time, they asked for edgier choreography. After wondering about the best possible choreography, I finally made [the choreography].”

Well, there’s a visual for everybody.


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