‘Hello Counselor’ under fire after featuring dad that plays with young son’s genitals, enjoys making his kids cry, treats wife horribly

A recent episode of KBS‘s ‘Hello Counselor‘ has come under fire after a viral tweet showed a segment involving a father who plays with his son’s genitals to the point where it sure seems like sexual abuse.

It’s definitely disturbing. Touching your kid’s genitals is one thing, but he’s playing with his son’s for 5-10 minutes at a time, and the child clearly does not like it and is actively terrorized by this tradition. The father is basically admitting to sexual abuse of a child on television and it’s being passed off as light-hearted issue by ‘Hello Counselor’. Now I realize that shows like this are frequently scripted or embellished, but even if that were the case here, it’s still a fucked up thing to make light of.

Now if you were like me, then surely you thought things could maybe get better if provided the entire context of the issue. Maybe it was clearly a bullshit story or … I dunno, something. However, upon viewing the whole segment, it only got worse, as the thing actually starts out with the guy admitting he likes to mentally abuse his kids and eventually leads to his wife basically describing suffering from abuse as well.

Yeah … just a horror show, honestly.

The worst part is that for ‘Hello Counselor’ it’s not all that rare a thing where there’s a serious issue brought up that should be handled by like therapists or authorities, yet it’s always kinda just treated with the jokey, oh-shucks kinda vibe that downplays the severity of the problem.

Of course, despite that norm, nothing has changed with the show to this point. However, perhaps this is such an egregious misstep that it pushes the criticism over the top and leads to change.


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