Arashi will suspend group activities at the end of 2020

In a recent video posted to their fansite, Arashi revealed that they would be suspending group activities at the end of 2020.

“We, Arashi, have something to tell our fans. After much discussion, we decided to suspend our activities on Dec. 31, 2020,” leader of the idol group Satoshi Ono, 38, said in a video message posted on the fan’s website, Nikkan Sports reported. “I’m sure you’re all surprised by the sudden announcement but we wanted to tell the fans who have been supporting us more than anyone.”

It’s a decision that has roots dating back to 2017.

Ono said he first talked to his members about the plan in June 2017. “I told them that we, the five of us, can go on (with our professional lives) individually,” he added. “For once, I wanted to live a life of freedom, without being tied down.”

While fellow legends SMAP disbanded back in 2016, Arashi are not officially going down that path. However, from the quotes provided and the general mood, it sure seems like that’s essentially what’s happening.


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