SOPA principal & wife reportedly forced students to perform at events, pocketed appearance fees

The principal of SOPA (School Of Performing Arts) reportedly ordered students to perform at private gatherings time and time again, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education (SMOE). He and his wife are also accused of pocketing fees and misappropriating funds, among other things.

SOPA students were forced to perform at least 10 times over two years since 2017 at private meetings of the principal and his wife, who works at the administrative office of the school. The meetings included a dinner for an insurance company and the wife’s alumni event. The principal’s wife also allegedly pocketed the money for students’ performances by receiving payment through her own bank account. The school also took 100 million won ($89,533) as a subsidy for operating afterschool programs over the last four years but used it for other purposes. The principal used a car registered with the school for private purposes, and paid his gas and mobile phone fees using the school account. Some teachers testified the principal’s family set up an illegal residential space inside the school building and resided there until September.

While the allegations have been met with a denial, the SMOE has recommended the dismissal of the principal and his wife.

The SMOE asked the school foundation to dismiss the principal and his wife, and sought help from law enforcement authorities to look into further allegations. The principal is denying all allegations.

Definitely remarkable in the sense that before the students even get to be taken advantage of by whichever section of the entertainment industry they’re about to enter, their high school called dibs and got the ball rolling early.

Well, can’t say they aren’t preparing them for their future, I guess.


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